Ana’s Clay Journey

I want to share my story on how my love for clay started:

If it wasn’t for my work, I wouldn’t be making pottery today. It started in 2011 when I joined the Ceramics Club at my work (very convenient). They had a nice fully equipped ceramics studio, so I started learning hand building with the wonderful club members and wheel throwing on my own. Thanks to YouTube, I used to watch videos on how to center clay every night. Then I would go to the studio after work and practice all by myself at times, just me and the clay. I felt a special connection , I would transport myself to another world. It was like I was hypnotized by the clay and time just flew by. One day it finally clicked and I centered the clay for the first time, I felt chills throughout my body and I knew at that moment I was hooked. The following year I started taking classes at an Art’s Center near my house until I felt confident and no longer needed the basic/intermediate classes. I still attend several Master Potter’s workshops per year and continue to learn many advanced techniques and styles in creating with clay.

I have converted my two car garage into my studio. I am a perfectionist with every piece I make and will not sell any piece that doesn’t meet my standards and inspections. I found working with clay very challenging and fascinating. I love being able to create beautiful things from a ball of clay with my own hands.

It is a great feeling to touch people’s lives with these objects that will be passed on to many generations to come. I appreciate receiving great feedback from my customers especially the ones that include pictures on how they are being used.

Feel free to  send me any comments and/or pictures of items purchased from my store.

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